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Business benefits

Small companies
  • Quick deployment, ease of use
  • Low price, fast ROI
  • Documents in a safe, retrievable archive
  • Instant access to documents
  • Customization – without developer efforts
  • Mobility - access through the web from anywhere, any time
  • Increase number of user licences according to your needs
Mid-sized companies
  • A unified and centralized document storage
  • High acceptance among users
  • Secure, controlled access to documents
  • Unified documentation of projects
  • Fast response time for searches in up to several thousands of documents
  • Ensure business continuity thanks to the secure document archiving
  • Quality Assurance Compliance
Large, multinational companies
  • For corporate clients we recommend TriDoc enterprise license solutions that are custom tailored within individual projects. The main advantages are:
  • Facilitate and promote collaboration between departments, subsidiaries
  • Clear, controllable responsibilities
  • Business process automation
  • Increased corporate decision-making efficiency
  • Eliminate unnecessary document handover between departments
  • Decrease document storage costs, support compliance with environmental protection directives
  • Multilingual use within a unified system
  • Within the specific project, due to the applied SOA technology, the TriDoc Easy document management system can be extended with additional application mosaics, modules.
  • Additional modules are, as for example:
  • Project Management Module
  • Customer Relationship Management Module
  • Workflow management module
  • TopManagement Dashboard, etc.
  • For further information about our enterprise licence contact our business affiliate nearest to your location, or call us!

Theoretical background

Unified documentation rules

The unified documentation rules means a single, transparent methodology for document management. With its use the document related tasks (filing, approval, archiving, search) can not only be carried out faster, but from day to day it becomes part of our daily routine and as such, more and more efficient.

The TriDoc allows filing of documents along multiple dimensions. The TriDoc archives of recorded documents can be sorted according to categories, types, and in addition even according to projects.

Following the proper structuring of documents, the data access control function of the authorization module in the system permits access to each document only to the authorized persons.

Link logically related documents! All the documents filed in the TriDoc system can be linked with further documents, meaning that for example you may link to your contracts with related performance certificates, invoices.

Document Life-cycle Management

TriDoc standard system supports complete life-cycle management of each document, starting from its creation to the approval process, archiving and eventually deletion.

By integrating the registry functions of TriDoc into MS Office applications, just after saving the document, you can even right from the application register the document into the TriDoc system. By integrating e-mail-based office equipment (scanner, fax), even a large amount of documents can be registered automatically, without any human intervention.

When filing a document into the TriDoc system, you record any data on the data sheet that is relevant to your company. You can upload files of basically any type of format (eg pdf, doc, odt, xls, jpg, png, html, avi, wmv, etc.). The documents with all of their data are stored in the TriDoc archives, where they can quickly and easily be retrieved from.

The three-level versioning principle of the TriDoc system guarantees that all changes in documents can be traced exactly from version to version. All operations executed in the document sheets and versions (eg, open, lock, delete, approval, rejection) are recorded in the document history.

With the built-in workflow module the documents can be approved in workflows associated with document types and/or projects, defining the approver persons and levels according to the requirements.

Custom-tailored solution

The TriDoc standard product has been developed by incorporating many years of experience gained in large enterprise system implementations and developing customizing functions to support users of the system.

The different customization options, such as custom fields, document categories and types, or language customization, access roles can all become user tools that are easily manageable. The proper use significantly changes the TriDoc system behaviour and integrates with the companies operation.

Technological background

TriDoc standard product is a server application that is a completely web-based system. As such it is accessible for your employees from any intra-or Internet , from anywhere and any time.

The system is based on Adobe Flex RIA technology, which essentially is suitable for the extension of web display capabilities and to achieve a higher level of ergonomics, where user find themselves in a custom tailored environment, and workflow is customized to their tasks.

The RIA interface advantages:

  • platform independence
  • rich user interaction
  • faster response times
  • reduces server loading
  • reduces network traffic
  • parallel processes without loading the application server
Each product package contains a licence for 5 users to access the system. However, the number of licensed users can unlimitedly be extended with each additionally purchased 5 user product / licence package

The standard TriDoc is a multi-platform system, compatible with Windows, Linux and Macintosh environments. For the use of the product you will only need a web browser and an installed Adobe Flash Player plug-in.

The TriDoc standard 2.0 box includes a MySQL database, however, upon request MSSQL and Oracle-based database license versions are available.

The product enables bulk registration of documents through email-based fax and scanner integration. Thus, daily even thousands of documents can be automatically registered and this even without using any human resources.

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